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Author: Edit Olah

Portfolio website project

End-to-end website development with Drupal

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Project: portfolio website - Drupal

Client: self

Used skills:

  • content strategy;
  • wireframing;
  • responsive web design;
  • Photoshop cut-up;
  • hand coding - HTML and CSS (using SASS and Compass);
  • front-end automation: Gulp;
  • cross-browser testing;
  • setting up LAMP environment;
  • Git, GitHub;
  • SSH;
  • using command line: Git Bash, PuTTY;
  • MySQL WorkBench;
  • basic MySQL;
  • Drupal - site building;
  • Drupal - basic custom theming;
  • Drupal - basic custom module development;
  • deploying website in a live hosting environment.

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If you are interested in hiring me, please drop me an email. I would be happy to send you my up-to-date resume.

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