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Versatile, efficient, results-oriented

Work experience

I used to work in PR, Communications, and Business Improvement.

I changed career paths in 2012. I am now a self-taught web developer with a keen interest in Drupal.

I started as self-employed working on small projects to gain basic experience.

Then, I worked for a small digital communications agency for a year and 9 months. Here, we developed responsive websites in the company’s own content management system environment that was built in the CakePHP framework.

After taking some time out to develop my portfolio working on projects that allowed me to learn Drupal and to play with JavaScript, jQuery, SASS, and Gulp, I got a job as a Junior Developer at a Drupal agency. Here, I worked 10 months in a distributed team structure, and trained on multi-developer projects, assisted in client training, writing test plans for acceptance testing, developing training materials, research for consultancy, responding to support tickets, and contributing to the company blog.

Currently, I work for the Stroke Association in the Drupal Developer Team.

Former professional experience

Previously, I worked in various positions in large organisations specialised in Hospitality, Business Process Outsourcing, Civil Engineering, and for a while I was a self-employed Communications consultant working for the public sector.

I picked up valuable skills on the way, such as the ability to communicate effectively to understand the requirements of the projects and of their stake holders.

I am also able to work with diverse clients and can get along with both co-workers and senior managers.


My traditional educational background is in Economics, Marketing and Communications, and Arts. I have a BA in Economics and a Masters in Arts and Media Practice.

Personal projects

When I have some time, I create, and nurture my art practice.

The circle of forms and media I am using has been expanding. I am exploring ways of combining photography, writing, graphics, animation, moving image, felting, sewing, sculpture and installation... and the list is growing.

I am interested in exploring ancient materials and techniques - like wool, felt, copper and printing - with modern methods such as moving image and web technologies.

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If you are interested in hiring me, please drop me an email. I would be happy to send you my up-to-date resume.

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