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Portfolio of a playful mind

This is my portfolio.
Here, you can find some information on what I am working on and what piques my interest.

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About me

Diverse and multidisciplinary background

My name is Edit Olah. I am from Hungary. I have been living in London for almost a decade. Apart from this great city, I used to work in Budapest and New Delhi.

I have had the chance to have an insight in various industries. By my educational background, I took a peek in Hospitality, Marketing Communications, Advertising, and Arts and Media Practice. By my professional experience, I have got involved in Business Process Outsourcing, the IT and Telecommunication sectors, Civil Engineering, the Public sector, and the Internet Industry. I have enjoyed working in Digital Communications, Marketing, Consultancy, Market Research, Business Improvement, Public Relations, and Bidding.

My personal interests keep me close to the artistic domains such as drawing, sculpture, and animation to mention a few.

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My Skills

Organised and creative

I started coding in 2012. I began with Photoshop cut-up, HTML, and CSS building microsites. Since then, I have been enjoying the challenges of this quickly changing domain offering the opportunity of continuous learning. There is always something to do better or more optimised. I am learning on the job, from books, from online resources, from peers and meet-ups, and from personal projects. I am hoping to build something every year that combines web technologies and my art practice.

Please see the list of my skills and the technologies I have used below.

List of skills




JavaScript - basic



Drupal - site building

Drupal - basic theming

Drupal - custom module development

PHP - basic



LAMP stack



Git Bash

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Other custom-built CMSs

Third-party APIs

Web fonts


MySQL Workbench

Oracle VM Virtual Box

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Portfolio of work

A thoughtful playground

Here is a collection of my assignments, personal projects, and experiments.

Website project - artist

Website project - artist


More details >>

Website project - small business

Website project - small business


More details >>

Website project - poet

Website project - poet

HTML, CSS, Drupal

More details >>

Portfolio website project

Portfolio website project

HTML, CSS, SASS, jQuery, Gulp, Drupal, end-to-end website-build

More details >>

Contact Edit

Get in touch

If you are interested in hiring me, please drop me an email. I would be happy to send you my up-to-date resume.

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